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Dr. Wingo's Publications

Oel Wingo Offers Her Management and Educational Expertise in a Host of Written Materials

Oel Wingo is an expert in management consulting and education. Oel Wingo has used her diverse experience to provide insight on various management- and education-related topics. Here is an outline of the written materials of Oel Wingo.  

Educational Materials by Oel Wingo

Oel Wingo served as Editor of the Florida Community College Institutional Research Journal. The educational materials of Oel Wingo are as follows:

  • "The Effectiveness of Utilizing Learning Style Profiles with Adult Learners", Research in Higher Education, 1994
  • "The Impact of Legislated Educational Reforms on the Academic Preparation of Entering Community College Students in the State of Florida", Community/Junior College Quarterly, 1993
  • "An Artist-in-Residence as Ambassador to the Community" (with W.J. Campion), Community College Journal, 1992
  • "Developing an Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Program" (with Patricia Grunder and Bruce Judd), University of Florida Institute of Higher Education Publication, 1991
  • "Strategic Planning and Evaluation with Indicators of Excellence", Association of Community College Trustees, 1993
  • "Assessing Institutional Effectiveness in the Community College", Leadership 2000, 1992
  • "International Education Programs in the Community College", Leadership 2000, 1992
  • "Community College Indicators of Excellence", American Association of Community College Trustees, 1992
  • "The Challenge and Opportunity for Community Colleges in the Field of International Education", American Council of International Intercultural Education Annual Meeting, 1992
  • "Gender Stereotypes in the Educational System", Association of University Women, 1991
  • "Identifying, Tracking and Advising At Risk Student", CLASP Conference, 1990

Management Materials by Oel Wingo

Oel Wingo has created the following management materials:

  • supervision and management development and training programs
  • stress, time, and change management development and training programs
  • procurement policies and guidelines for Purchasing, Finance, Personnel, and Records Management 
  • project management and customer service development and training programs
  • compliance training for liability purposes
  • organization development training