The Many Accomplishments of Oel Wingo Showcase Her Management and Education Expertise

Oel Wingo is a renowned management consultant with more than 27 years of experience. During her career, she has shown exceptional skills, professionalism, and work ethic. Here is an outline of her career accomplishments.

Oel Wingo's Career History

Oel Wingo has successfully held numerous positions, first in education and later in management. She began in social work and then moved into education, serving as a teacher, a school board director, and a researcher. Then she moved into management. She started as an assistant city manager, working for years in Ocala, FL and Palm Coast, FL. In 2003, she was awarded ICCMA Certified City Manager. She went on to become the first female city manager of Holly Hill, FL. In 2010, she launched her business, Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services.  

Oel Wingo's Involvement in Groups and Organizations

As Oel Wingo has progressed in her career, she has participated in numerous groups and organizations. She has served in local government groups, academic associations, civic leadership academies, and charitable and community organizations. 

Words of Praise for Oel Wingo - Endorsements from Colleagues

In testimony to her accomplishments, colleagues of Oel Wingo have expressed their praise. Those who have endorsed Oel Wingo include the following:

  • George McClure, Partner, McClure Bloodworth
  • Don Findell, Lake Helen City Administrator
  • Kari Cobham, hired Oel as a Source in 2007
  • Robin Hanger, Owner, BestPriceTrailers.conBest Park
  • John Becker, Executive Director & Immediate Past Board Chairperson, Florida Benchmarking Consortium
  • Bonilyn Wilbanks, Town Administrator, Town of Malabar
  • Jane Mealy, Commission Chair, City of Flagler Beach
  • Marge Strausbaugh, City Manager, City of Mascotte
  • Larry J. LaBute, Chairman, Hydro Designs, Inc

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