Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services
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Services Offered

Dr. Oel Wingo  ( click here for BIO) provides the following services to public, not for profit and private entities to help you Do More, Do It Better and Do It for Less!  

Organizational Development and Improvement

  1. Development of Strategic Plans.
  2. Development of Performance Measures and Evaluation instruments.
  3. Diagnosis/analysis of business management, operations and strategies to identify areas needing improvement.
  4. Development of strategies, policies, procedures, guidelines, timelines and required resources to implement suggested improvement.​​
  5. Development of Policy and Procedural Manauls (and associated forms and checklists) including 
    • ​​Board/Commisson/Council Procedures
    • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
    • Finance and Accounting Policies and Procedures
    • Purchasing Policies and Procedures
    • Records Management Procedures 
  6. Change management with a focus on helping personnel adjust to new procedures and changes in the organization. 


  1. Analysis, development or revision of essential Policy and Procedures documents to include the most current legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Employee training and development programs to maximize organizational productivity and limit liabilities:
    • Supervisor and Leadership Training
    • Employment Law Training ( i.e. Harassment, Discrimination)
    • Safety Training
    • Customer Service Training
    • Specific Skills Training i.e. computers, software, project management skills.
  3. Labor negotiations and mediation.
  4. Compensation and Classification Studies